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  Welcome to the home of clan rabid. We are a team fortress classic gaming clan competing in STA GOLD and TFL 2A.

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1) Rule of conduct. If you wear the [Rabid] tag, please present yourself maturely and respectfuly. If someone's a jackass, sure, theres the moments.. but [Rabid] promotes the fun gaming experience over rivalry shit talkin. Please respect that.

2) It is not acceptable to participate in any other clans without admin approval (sometimes exceptions are made for a/d guilds, etc). We need people who play for rabid, want to build friendships with rabid, and become a solid single team that all know how to play the game, and play it well.. as a team.

3) Practices. There is 1 Major practice every week on Wednesday from 8-10 EST. On some weeks we may switch it up with a practice on Sunday instead, if it's a map we need to focus more on for STA. Before all matches there will be a 1 hour practice/warmup. This will take place on Mondays @ 8:30 EST (Match at 9:30 EST), and Thursdays @ 8:00 EST (Match at 9 EST).

4) If you wish to participate in a match, there is an IRC Bot setup in #rabid-private. It has commands to view upcoming matches, and add yes,maybe,no choices if you can make match. In order to play a match your name MUST be on this bot list. Please stay updated in irc channel and put yes, maybe, or no for whatever your decision is. To keep yourself from going active, atleast put your name on here, and you will get by a little bit longer. Below is the commands used on the bot

in #rabid-private, use these: @listgames -- list the upcoming games on irc bot schedule x = the game number in @listgames (1,2,3,etc) @addMe X -- add yourself avaliable to a game @addMaybe x -- add yourself that Maybe you can make a match @addNot x -- add that you Won't be avaliable for a match @removeMe x -- remove yourself from a specific match

5) Strict measures will now be taken on participation in the clan. If you are not here for 2 weeks of prac in a row, you will be moved to inactive list. You will not beable to play in matches when listed as inactive. Once you participate in 2 prac's in a row, you can then play again in matches. Don't participate for 2 more weeks while inactive, and you are removed from roster. We are keeping a tight team from here on out.

6) Admin - when a [Rabid] leader thinks you have achived respect in the clan, admin will be awarded to you. This must be achived by us knowing you'll be [Rabid] as long as you will be playin TFC, you got respect and know how to use admin when appropriate, and just having a great love for the clan! Once any [Rabid] does have admin I hope you understand how you represent the entire clan when using the admin functions, and everything is logged ;p .

7) HAVE FUN!!!!! That's why were here. ;p

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