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  Welcome to the home of clan rabid. We are a team fortress classic gaming clan competing in STA GOLD and TFL 2A.

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Rabid probably has the most interesting background out of any clan. The way we have come together it's really amazing. So far, this is how I recall it.

Cala is gonna have to fill in more here, but from what I gather -- for 4 years rabid was nothing but a clan that had fun and enjoyed a game. They didn't worry bout bein leet or doin all the super cool tricks in tfc. They were a clan brought together with strange ties. From the beginning to be honest I thought rabid was total noob lol. In about August of 2002, Kevin started pubbing on rabid's 24/7 2fort pwnage server (cause eveyone knows [H2H]I_Am_KeViN was a 2fort whore back then!!!!) and anyways, I actually started crap with some members and didn't like them off the bat ;) Sorry to say but rabid held a few members who couldnt conc let alone kill anything- their main expertise was "2fort battlement sniper skills". lol anyways finally I was playing on the server with just a few people, and [Rabid]MeRCurY was there. I tried to clan in 2 clans before but they didnt work out, didn't like them - quit both within a month. Merc gave a call out , is anyone interested in tryin out?? To hell with it I said YUP Let me tryout. And so I DID. I tried out for rabid as a D Engineer and Soldier. Back then I destroyed merc and it was great he let me in the clan no problem. This is when things all started taking a huge change for rabid.

Most of rabid didn't realize it, but the best thing that has ever happened to this clan was upon them. What I had before me was an unorganized immature skilled clan that needed some solid direction. A purpose if you will. Within days I finally got rabid our irc chat room on gamesnet, and began work on a more quality website and forums for the clan. <3 Cala for our old website pre-kevin era check it out at http://www.geocities.com/rabid_fx. Instantly all the true rabids started coming together to form a great team. Within 2 weeks of membership to rabid, Kevin instantly became a leader because people knew what I would help bring this clan. Something what most people can't do and that is constant dedicated 7days a week Kevin puts in his time.

Our first place of play was in OGL 5V5. We did pretty fair in this league and ended somewhere around rank 8 and a record of 12/5.. in that vicinity. We were doing good as a 5v5 clan. Our main and most true rabid members at this time I beleive were I_Am_KeViN, Calababa, Shadowgod, Myth, Terf, Ninja, Krillin, Mysor. That was the original most dedicated rabid team that I got the closest to know and love. I <3 ya guys.

We continued on in 5v5 Adventures -- from ogl to tfl and sta.. then 2v2 leagues and even gave 7v7 a shot. After 4 months of experimenting and testing the team, we decided the biggest move ever- attemp the 9vs9 leagues. We didn't know what we were getting into until our first match with F1 on well in Bronze 1 STA Division. We got spanked and we had no idea what was coming! It was an extremly hard tough type of play that none of us were experienced with our comfortable with. Lot of us wanted to give up after 1 game, but we said screw that.. WE ARE GOING ON. And you know what?? We did! We kept trying and trying and started getting some wins under our belts. STA then went through some division changes and bronze 1 was changed into silver. neat an automatic level upgrade! Anyways we continue to do pretty decent up until about march things started going up and up.

Summer 2003 rabid took on a huge change. Our initial main rostered team has mostly retired from TFC. I'll never forget krillin, terf, myth, shadowgod, statik, cyclone, and kuzya. Anyways at this point our team had achieved Silver title holders in STA, and were in the transitioning stage to head into STA Gold. For the entire summer rabid's roster was pretty inconsistant. Every famous clanwhore made it's way thru rabid I think. But after 3-4 months of uncertainty - I am now beginning to really love the new rabid team coming along. All the guys we've picked up in the last 3 months are awesome and play a great game. It is now November 2003 and we will revisit more rabid history when time comes!

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