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  Welcome to the home of clan rabid. We are a team fortress classic gaming clan competing in STA GOLD and TFL 2A.

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We are a high ranked clan, once again.
Well guys after going 11W in a row, and dominating most 2a and silver teams, we have finally reached our appropriate level once again. We are now in STA GOLD and TFL 1a and it's time to seperate the men from the boys!

This is a warning to all that if you can not make warmup 1 hour before matches, you will be considered a bench player for that specific league match night. Please show up 1 hour before match time so we can prepare and be ready for when we play. There is no way we will be able to compete at high level if we all come to play 5 mins before the match starts!

Secondly, start wearing the tag more! Ok sure, our tag isn't the prettiest, or have the most well though out super-duper adjective name, but it is still who we are. Rabid is a 6 year old clan and a family at that. We continue to have pride because the people who founded this clan did. If we have more pride in the clan, it gives us a more solid image. Who would wanna join a clan anyway wear half the team doesn't even tag up! In IRC I don't care, but when your in-game show some pride and represent your clan.

We have a bye in STA this monday, so our next match will be in 1a next week in TFL.

Lots of TFC time this weekend for rabid, be on!
Comments? (200) By: kevin` : Fri Aug 12, 2005

Rabid would like to pick up a HWguy/Soldier utility type player! Fill out the join form if interested.
Comments? (134) By: kevin` : Tue Aug 09, 2005

OMG Back to GOLD!
WTF rabid we went on a 9W streak and are back in gold now. Are we gonna stop sucking and practice more and start owning up these "leet" fucks? i've been dyin to see the looks on peoples faces when they get taken down by the mighty rabid hah!

Much props to all who helped us own the last few weeks Smiley!
Comments? (153) By: kevin` : Tue Aug 02, 2005

Reminder to Rabidteers
Smiley! Check the Calender Section on the main page for updated league scheduled clan matches also Check the Forum Section "Strategy/League Discussion" to talk about the map and the strat used.
Comments? (149) By: v o i d : Mon Aug 01, 2005

Rabid holds 2 titles!
Sup fellas! We currently hold the STA Silver and TFL 2a titles! OMG double crown! We are leet Smiley! Smiley!
Comments? (154) By: kevin` : Sun Jul 31, 2005

STA bans another cheater
From STA News:

The following person is hereby banned from play in all STA TFC Leagues:

post STEAM_0:0:178012

post was disputed for his play in an STA TFC 9v9 match on July 25th between [Rabid] and [DyS]. HLTV and personal demos were both reviewed. From analysis of the evidence, the consensus of the Anti-Cheat team is that both a wallhack and an aimbot were used by this player in this match. With this decision, the result of the match in question will be overturned; as this was a Title Match, the STA TFC 9v9 Silver Title will be awarded to [Rabid]. This will likely impact next week's schedule, so watch for an update.

Demos -
Avi's -

Stop hacking kiddies, have some respect for our favorite game!
Comments? (157) By: v o i d : Sun Jul 31, 2005

hey it's fixed!
website kinda fixed... Smiley!
Comments? (225) By: kevin` : Sat Jul 30, 2005

Website updates
hey were gonna keep this shit updated now, wow what a concept!
Comments? (198) By: kevin` : Tue Oct 12, 2004

Sorry, but I could not connect to the database.